GX16-8 Aviation connector Male panel

Hi to all,
there is someone who has the .kicad_mod of GX16 8 Pin Male Panel connector ?
I have some problem to find the datasheet with all measures.
Many thanks in advance
I need to do a PCB with this connector

Just throwing out an idea if you are having trouble finding a KiCad footprint for these connectors…

If you can find the footprint on a board in Eagle, I’ve had good success importing eagle boards on 4.0.7 and saving out modules to KiCad libraries. It has been a while since I did this and I no longer have 4.0.7 installed anywhere so I can’t recreate my steps for a tutorial. I do remember having to install the free Eagle for some older Eagle designs so I could save it back out in the latest Eagle file format (KiCad didn’t support the older Eagle file formats). Or… maybe I have that backwards?

I think 4.0.7 can import Eagle footprint libraries as well, but I didn’t do this myself so I don’t know how robust that was.

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Thanks for the tip, I looked for footprint of this connector for others cad, but so far without any success, it seems untraceable, but I’m sure someone has made it, but go to know who?

I have only seen solder bucket wire connection versions of that connector and never a PCB mount version

Is that a M12? If so DigiKey has some data sheets for that.

Seems to me that this connector on the picture is for wire connection and someone just make the footprint to solder it on pcb.

like @davidsrsb said, i also never saw thoses connectors in pcb mount version, maybe there is no pcb mount version, that’s why you can’t find dimensions data of it.

@davidsrsb same here, also have only seen the solder bucket version.

No, its not from the TE M8/M12 family, which are heavily used in railway rolling stock.
The snag with solder bucket connectors, is that the pin to pin spacing and hence pad to pad gets too small and also the pins are often not held rigidly enough to avoid the solder joints getting cracked.

Good catch.

These pins are normally recessed a little bit though. It might be an idea to fill this recess with epoxy.

This connector is called GX16-8 where 8 indicates the number of PINs, or Aviation, because they were used in aviation to carry signals or voltages.
It is not a PCB connector, but many use it in this way, especially in radios for amateur radio, they are soldered onto PCBs.Immagine

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You know… that connector does look a lot like an 8-pin DIN (not mini-DIN) connector. Would the DIN connector be close enough mechanically for your application? Might be easier to find.

(For all I know, this idea is way off because of different mechanical specs…)

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