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something weird going on on my version 7 KiCad: without a clear cause the connection in between 2 components disappeard in the PCB editor. They are clearly connected in the schema editor and hitting F8 in the PCB editor does not show any errors, nor does the ERC. I deleted one of the components to no avail. I deleted the component in the PCB editor and did F8 again, but the component does not come back.
What is going on?



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I have no idea but if your project is not confidential then making an archive out of it and uploading it here will allow other people try to replicate the problem.

Is it possible your schematics symbol, let’s say a diode, has its pins named, for example, 1 & 2 and the PCB footprint is named differently, for example like A & C? In that case the netlist will probably not know what to do.

It is kinda confidential I’m afraid.

OK, found it: my upgrade from KiCad 6 to 7 has reverted footprints for resistors to the version I had before the one in KiCad 6. For some reason only 1 component showed this problem while the old footprint was linked to at least 30 other components. Upgrades are always tricky …

Funny that sounds like a problem another user is having, a THT diode turning up where a SMD one had been in place in v6. Might be coincidence or related. Anyway, the boffins can nut it out.

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