Getting Old Kicad Build 5.1.4

I recently updated to Kicad 5.1.5 and have been hit with the strange routing issue described here.

I use the ppa by @jsreynaud. I would like to go back to 5.1.4, but have noticed that the previous builds are gone. Is there an easy way for me to get the 5.1.4 build so I can get back to it. Also maybe in the future would it be possible to keep maybe the last two version numbers in the PPA so a rollback would be easier in the future?


Use the Pre-5.1.6, as to most people here (me included) it is stable enough for daily work and compatible with 5.1.5.
The 5.1.4 was not perfect either, not remember exactly which issues bothered me but I was looking for upgrade then.To me, only 5.1.6 is what 5.1.x should be.


Wonted to say the same :slight_smile:

Is there a place I can get a Pre-5.1.6 build for Ubuntu?

I found a good solution that got me back to work quickly.
I found a post by @KarlZeilhofer where he creates AppImages for Kicad. Thankfully he hasn’t updated it to 5.1.5 yet. You can find his appimage releases on his github here.

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