Gerber X1 vs Gerber X2

I have gerber files from a client. Their extensions are: .fph, .fpl, .pho, .rep, .drl, .lst, .dxf. Of these, I know .drl are the drill files and .dxf is the mechanical drawing. I need to convert this to Gerber X2. For this, I need the board attributes. As this gerber is primitive to X2, I know the attributes are lost when generating these files but still there must be some way these attributes are communicated to the manufacturer. Where can I find these attributes in these files? After finding these attributes, how to generate the X2?

Thanks in advance!

Why do you need to convert? X1 is a subset of X2. Have you asked the manufacturer if they can process X1?

As a company policy, we have to shift to X2 for standardization. Hence, this requirement.

Well I don’t see how KiCad can help you in this, as it’s a Gerber generator, not a Gerber processor or editor.

This does not compute very well.
When you get files from customers, you pretty much have to deal with whatever you get. One possibility is to only accept Gerber X2 files from customers, but you risk loosing customers that way. And as retiredfeline already mentioned. There is not much KiCad can do with existing gerbers. Usually it is the endpoint of KiCad.

KiCad does have:

But the process is far from automated, due to a lot of missing info in Gerber files. That method is nice to “rescue” a project, or a last resort to revive some project, but for daily work it is far to time consuming.

So, what is the business you are in? What are you doing with those files?

I find some PCB vendors cannot accept X2 files.