Generating netlist for Ngspice in KiCad 5


Hi all,

After upgrading my KiCad version from the old 4.0.7 to 5.0.0, KiCad no longer takes comments from schematics and adding commands to netlist files (e.g., +PSPICE and commands that ensue no longer appear in netlist files). Also, it seems that nodes were named as “Net -_component” instead of being numbered as did in the previous version (putting global labels on wires does fix the issue, but it’s rather inconvenient and impairs readability of the schematic). For netlist generation options, I toggled “Default format”, “Reformat passive symbol values”, and “Use default netname”, but I don’t seem to notice a difference regarding this particular issue.

Anyone has a solution for this?


The “+PSPICE” line is no longer supported. If you delete that line, it might work.

I don’t know of a way to change the default net labels.


You can use Spice directives starting with a dot by putting them in text fields, just without ‘+PSPICE’ part (see the documentation).

Regarding the net names, I am afraid there is no way to enforce using numbers for node names now.


Thanks @bobc @orsonmmz, removing the ‘+PSPICE’ and entering commands directly into the text field does work.

For the net names, I think I’ll simply do some more work labelling the nodes of interests before generating netlists.


I love KiCad. But I have a question:
I do not understand what so hard to keep the “+Pspice” and “-Pspice” directive, and put addition the net “dot” directive notation in to the KiCad5 instead of remove the old kicad4 directive which make all people in the KiCad4 world now have to modify every single project file for the simulation, or have to switch back and for the KiCad4 and KiCad5 world. People usually access KiCad4 are mostly for read only, and run some operation on it, because they are old projects. So KiCad5 seem to enforce user to thinking KiCad4 and KiCad5 are not the same home isn’t it? Do we have plant that add back +pspice or -pspice directive back for backward compatible?