General Electronics Forum

Hi everyone,

Chris Gammell here. I started and maintain the User Forum. Thanks to everyone who has made it such a wonderful resource for working with KiCad, including the developers that are here. We are a collection of people interested in making a better open source environment and I’m super hopeful about the direction of the project going forward.

I wanted to introduce you to a new forum I started as part of my course, The Contextual Electronics Forum. It is free for anyone to sign up for and use. In full disclosure, there is a paid version of the course, but there is zero obligation to take part.

Normally I wouldn’t post about it here, but I noticed a particularly popular project thread reviewing schematics. It is OK to post about projects built with KiCad in the Projects category. However, the focus should remain on the specifics of KiCad into the future, so I wanted to offer an alternate path in the short term.

I wanted to offer a general electronics forum, as there might be similar questions about building projects in the future. The linked post above is a great example of a “build log”.

The CE Forum is built with Discourse, so it will feel very similar to this forum. Hope to see some of you over there.


Hmmm, does this mean this kicad forum will slowly die?
Is that what you intend to do?

I noticed this thread, for example, that made me wonder what is going on:
Discussion about KiCAD library management

It seems to me there will now be two places that have specific discussions about KiCAD practices, which , I fear, waters down the usefulness of either.


Not even close. The KiCad forum is meant for discussions around how to use the software, getting help with specific problems and advancing the state of the open source project.

You linked to a thread discussing an article and one from very early in the life of the CE forum. All other discussions of KiCad are shuttled over here, if the users are not already over here.

The point of this post is to show that general electronics do not have a set place on the KiCad forums, so this was offering an option for those discussions, much like the EEVblog forums or the All About Circuits forums also offer.