Francais : Propriétés des pistes et vias

Je voudrai modifier les propriétés des pistes et vias, mais j’ai sans cesse un message qui dit “Certains éléments ont des erreurs DRC…” et quand je lance le controleur de DRC il n’y a aucun soucis.
Comment contourner cela (est-ce un bug?) simplement.
Merci par avance pour toute aide.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum.

Wat is er verkeerd met deze text?
Hij is geschreven door Cisero, omstreeks 45BC.
(Ik moest iets editen om hem terug te krijgen).

FR: C’est exactement ce que j’allais dire…
EN: That’s exactly what I was going to say…

In your previous thread Rene was kind enough to write:

and for exactly that same reason I did not even bother to respond.
I spend quite some time answering questions in English (not my native language) from people all over the world trying to work with KiCad. I easily could put your text through some translating engine, but I won’t bother. It’s not upto me.
When I started years ago with (another) forum, I spend half a year looking for, and finding answers to my questions without even making a single post myself. French posts, or even French titles of posts make this impossible to do.

Maybe it’s time to add some “official” statement about languages to the forum rules here.

Ok, but how to get help in french ?, I did not find any forum in french.

Yes, I agree with you @ChrisGammell, if you can not post in a language other than English it must be clear.

Si vous souhaitez obtenir de l’aide sur ce problème, il serait utile de joindre une capture d’écran des paramètres (à la fois dans les pistes d’édition et dans les paramètres du tableau).

It will be easier to help you with this problem if you attach an image of the settings (both when you edit tracks as well as in the board settings)

In my opinion, as long as there are those willing to help in another language I have no problem with that. The real problem becomes moderating languages that no one here knows. If the mods or trusted members don’t know the language it has to be stricken because we simply don’t know what it says.

In short. Encourage English but don’t require it and remove with explanation any language we simply don’t know is totally legit.

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Why not do like some forums, have a forum in English and other forums in other languages by appointing a moderator in the language mastered by this person?

My question of beginning does not matter, I managed alone. Thank you for being able to exchange here.

If we get the membership that might be a route to go in the future. It’s all a matter of working out what’s best as we go. I favor being as inclusive as possible so the community grows. But, I only count as one opinion. :wink:

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On the KiCad site there are some links to Spanish and Japanese forums.
Alternatively, you can install some translation tools in your web browser and read/write in French, while still being able to the forum itself in English, which makes searching the forum for everybody possible.

Mixing up languages inside a forum is simply detrimental to it’s usability for everybody. It’s bad for the user posting the message because response will be (very) low. It’s bad for other users because it adds uncomprehensible noise and is not searchable.

We will not have an official policy on this. I think @hermit has a great take on it. If you post in another language, it’s fine, but there likely will be fewer who can help you.

If we start seeing spam in other languages, we’ll act as necessary, but I don’t believe that will be an issue any more than other languages. French, English, German, Japanese posts…it’s usually pretty easy to tell when it’s spam.


I regularly visit this forum and I often find interesting opinions. For my part I try to get by in English, but it’s not my mother tongue, so I make a lot of mistakes.
On the Arduino forum, there are several languages and it’s going very well.
Thank you, because this forum is very responsive, and it is promised, I will post in English (if you can understand me).

Ik begrijp hier helemaal niets meer van.

Mine nether.

It will always split the community. In general i find that we humans would be well advised to grow together instead of splitting apart. Eliminating this stupid thing like different languages would be a good first step.

Your english is better than average.


It’s a ‘size’ problem that would be great for Kicad to have. Not yet though. :frowning:

Rene Poschl’s advice to “grow together instead of splitting apart. Eliminating this stupid thing like different languages would be a good first step.”
is very wise. Rene is wise beyond his years (to use an English idiom).

I also agree with hermit’s opinion “I favor being as inclusive as possible so the community grows.” So, honestly, hermit, your opinion really counts as four, including mine and Rene_Poschl’s and ChrisGammell’s.

Thank you to all non-native English speakers for reminding me to ALWAYS disregard the improper usage of English used on this forum. I bite my tongue every minute I spend on this forum. I will continue to do so. If I one day
fail to do so, somebody please remind me of my faux-pas (to use a French idiom).

I also read French and Spanish. However, I do not reply in French because I don’t know how to make the French accent marks on my Dell keyboard using linux. I only know how to type in English. Perhaps in the future I will know how. ( But I would only do so if I can type BOTH French AND English on my keyboard with equal ease without having to re-modify it in order to switch from one language to another. )

And this forum does not support private person-to-person messages, AFAIK.

When taking French in college, way long time ago, I could read and comprehend much better than I could write/speak it so an English answer may not be wasted especially if the poster exhibits some English capability. It also becomes a clue for the rest of us.

I started a response here with the standard “lorem ipsum” text, which got flagged and removed.

Apparently it is not allowed to air an honest opinion. It may have been a bit silly reaction of me, but I can not see how it would have been offending to anyone, nor was it meant to.

I find the whole idea of slightly different opinions getting silenced and moderated automatically quite disturbing, even to a point that I’m reconsidering if I want to continue contributing to this forum.

I think the problem, paulvdh, was one of comprehension. At least, I did not understand it at first. translates your “Lorem ipsum . . . laborum.” post to gibberish.
And refers to it as “dummy text”.

I suppose that was your intent – to show that English is “the standard”, and other languages are gibberish to most posters. Am I wrong?