Francais : Propriétés des pistes et vias


Time difference requires, I did not respond to this discussion. Forgive me, then.
Do not touch the structure of the forum, it is enough like that.
Just warn that here we speak no other language perhaps.
I read English well, but I speak it like a Dutch cow in a Chinese meadow !!!
For the phrase “Lorem …” I was not vexed, no worries with that, I know this sentence because we use it a lot in programming. I have often done it. I develop a lot of language and I design complex electronic systems, so that does not bother me.
I’m definitely older than you think, but I have a lot of humor. I appreciate your help to everyone, your community is fantastic, and you’re always going the right way to help poor users like me.
Until recently, I used Eagle (another PCB software) and mastered it well. But over the versions they have restricted the area allowed by an amateur (free) it almost became impossible to create more than a box of matches. So I went to Kicad which seems to be a good alternative but still has a lot to learn from its big brothers. I may be inclined to use it as Eagle, but it is totally different. It’s probably my mistake.
Thanks again to all.
I go back to my design (relatively simple this time).


I have the opposite experience. I used kicad in the past and am now forced to use eagle. I find kicads footprint editor far superior to eagles. The library management as a whole is more powerful in kicad. (Much more scalable/flexible. )

Also the interactive router behaves a lot better in kicad. (Especially interactive drag.)

I also miss the normal move tool in the schematic tool. ( Drag is nice but simply being able to rotate a connector is a nice feature of kicad.)


I discover from day to day the good functions of Kicad, there is good on both sides. I got myself in Kicad wanting to retouch the track width and vias settings and validating the preferences I found myself with all tracks in 1.27mm (0.05 inch) I had to redo the widths of segments tracks by track segments. With Eagle, it was enough to select new width and click on a track to see all segments changed at once. All software has its advantages and disadvantages, it’s just that you have to adapt. Kicad is free and is much more powerful than some paid software.
I admit to having some nostagie for some functions of Eagle, but it’s normal, I used it since it exists (under DOS, Windows did not exist and Linux either) and it was not called still Eagle.


Select a segment, press “u” and the whole track is selected. Now you can change the width of the whole track all at once.


We learn every day ! Thank you very much, I did not know this function. I still have a lot to discover on Kicad.