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Split from this Thread as it raised pertinent issues about this forum but is way off original topic. :slightly_smiling_face:

Something unusual have happened to forum. I think.
An hour ago I have got a mail with answer (author: straubm) to my previous post in this thread, but after logging in I don’t see it. Something like this never happened to me before.

@Piotr It was 3 posts. I deleted them, noticing they were redundant.

Till now I have seen sometimes the empty posts with information that post was canceled by author. I have never checked how long such empty post is visible but supposed that when I logged after one hour if it is such case than probably it should be still visible. I just don’t know the details how forum software works.
So I was simply surprised and hoped to get some explanation to understand things better.

In the past, when deleting posts I have authored I got a message that the post will be deleted after 24 hours.
Now, being level 4, it is gone immediately.

Looking in my ‘Summary’ I can’t find any information about my ‘level’ :frowning:
As it is important it shoud be easy to check.
For example new users are sometimes told: you have to spend some time reading to get right to attach a file to your post. But you can’t tell them precisely how long.The better would be if they could be instructed - spend time reading until your level jump up from 0 to 1 but as it is invisible… (or I’m just blind).

It’s trust level leader (though I don’t feel like that :sweat_smile: )

Tap your avatar, then your avatar (top) again, then expand

The interface isn’t all that strong. I pushed a lot of folks that I recognized as long term participants up to that level because I thought it might be helpful. If I sort users by joined date most of the oldest accounts haven’t visited in years. Sorting by joined and activity would be nice but I get the option to do one or the other. The most useful feature would be an interface that lets you set custom permissions. Leveling up new posters is perhaps my most used permission.

I think better would be not linearly counted activity. Recent activity should have more weight and gradually the older the less weight. That way someone who was writing a lot for few years but during last 5 years his activity is 0 would be rather at list bottom and not top.

Ok. I see.

Yeah. But this isn’t an automatic process anyhow. There is no ‘contrarian’ sort option. We have had a few of those over time. :wink: There are a few that barely post but are regular readers who would probably have good moderation chops. More than one way to contribute.

Reading can also be counted as ‘activity’. Of course the problem of fair counting is not simple.

Hi @Piotr

This holds true for any avatar or name in any post except those who keep their profile hidden.
I suppose only admin have access to hidden profile member’s statistics.

Below is a link to what is required for each level.
Admin are able to override these conditions.

Below is a link to a summary of each levels abilities.

On the left, clicking Categories > Documentation > Users gives some explanations on various forum features.

Perhaps a pinned FAQ titled “Forum use for New Members” with an introduction and a link to the above Discourse Blog may be in order?

New members could be referred to the FAQs and then probably, by the time they have read the blog, and a couple of threads (and found that there is a FAQ), will be able to post their attached file instead of waiting around for an Admin to bump their Trust Level.

Any thoughts from anyone???

If there is a general agreement, I’ll write something up for approval. :slightly_smiling_face:

The side effect of this discussion is that I got level 4 (I suppose it is hermit’s action).
I have read your link. I cannot say that I fully understand what I am able to do now :slight_smile:
As an example - what does mean to Pin topic or make topic unlisted. I don’t know where topics are listed that they can be get out of that list. I think it is a kind of slang that everyone familiar with forums understand, but KiCad forum is the first and last I am on (not counting my one or two questions at FreeCAD). I am not asking for an explanation of these actions. All in good time.

Probably, he is usually to blame :slightly_smiling_face:
This may help you to keep the place tidy… :broom: and welcome to the position of janitor. :grin:

You will now find a spanner at the top right, above the date, on any thread or comment you scroll. Click on that and it will allow you to run amok (perform actions).

If that choice of weapons is not enough you can edit any post you want.

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Can be useful for someone knowing English better than me. I remember someone edited my post replacing ‘gay’ with ‘guy’ or vice versa :slight_smile:

I did it once or twice, notifying the OP by PM.

Always feel free to NOT use the new permission level. :wink:

‘Many hands make light work’. Of course this being a technical forum with many non native English speakers I can hear many of you saying, ‘How many EE’s does it take to screw in a light bulb to make it work? :confused:

Before 1989 when we (Poland) were communistic country we had Milicja (now it is Policja). The answer to question ‘How many Milicjants are needed to screw in a light bulb?’ was: 9.
1 is standing on the table and keeping the bulb. 4 walk around rotating the table. Last 4 walk the other way so that this one does not get dizzy.
Other: What is ‘cjant’? It is the unit of intelligence. So what is ‘Milicjant’?