Error exportng schematic to PCB

Hi All,
I am getting this error uploading my schematic to PCB. I have checked the footprints and each component is associated with one footprint. Can someone please help me how to get rid of this error.

Under help you can copy your system and version info to the clipboard and paste it here. Knowing what OS and version of Kicad and HOW you installed it might be a good thing to know here. Are these standard Kicad libraries you are using?

I have never seen this error but looking at:
Error: U8 pad 4 not… and
Error: R9 pad not…
It looks for me that R9 (and other resistors) symbol you use has no pad numbers assigned (in symbol). If it had than probably that number would be listed in Error message as it was listed for U8.
The next thought is that may be footprint you assigned for U8 has different pad numbers than U8 symbol.

I’m with Piotr.

KiCad uses the pin numbers from the schematic to match with the pad numbers in the footprints on the PCB. The error messages for U8, such as Error: U8 pad 4 not found in … literally say this. For the resistors, I’m guessing the pin numbers are missing in the schematic symbol, and maybe in the footprint too.

If you can’t figure it out from this, then make a simple test project (for example with just a few resistors), zip it up and post the whole project here. You can just paste a file into the forum text area.

If you can post your project here as a .zip (you can use File > Archive Project in the main KiCad window to generate a .zip), that would be great.

I’m improving the error messages to indicate that a pin wasn’t numbered and would like to test it on your project.

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