Forum expired certificate

Hi all,

I’m not sure if this is the correct place to report this, but BitDefender is flagging as unsafe due to an expired certificate:


Chromium browser, too, when I opened the forum with it the first time. Firefox doesn’t load the page correctly anymore: with full refresh I get the same old threads marked as non-read and no new posts (for example this one I saw only with Chromium).


Yep, looking into it now. I had re-upped the forum certs about 2 months ago, so this is unexpected. Going to put the forum into read-only mode in case I need to snapshot/backup.


We should be back online now!

And I finally did the server swapover that I had meant to do last time, so we’re all up to date on the back-end as well. Hopefully is a more zippy experience.


I found it kind of suspicious I did not see any new posts this day.
If you can read this it works again.

I had to log in on the site, as the regular autologin failed.
Using Linux / Firefox here.

Working now! On Firefox there is a CSS issue that prevents clicking the login button:


This “FAQ” link blocks it.

It has an inline style display: none but that is overridden by a parent style of display: block !important

Once I used devtools to hide that link everything worked though!

I have some memories of the “FAQ” text being in a somewhat weird location for months, but never bothered to look into it as it never got in the way.

Just now I logged out, made a screenshot and logged in again:

Just making the firefox window narrower probably also would have helped fro craftyjon. If the window is narrow enough, the “FAQ” link disappears (at least on my PC).

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ha! The curse of having too big a monitor

Yea, I had to shrink the browser window to half the size of my monitor to login…

So you’ve both got a monitor that’s around 2600 (2580?) pixels wide.
If Firefox is much wider, the “FAQ” text has the same distance from the right margin, but the rest of the forum stays in the middle, and the “FAQ” text is on the right side of the icons.

More important though:
Actually clicking on the FAQ link gives a security warning:

Not sure why the cert was only good for 2 months. There are scripts to automatically keep them updated though.


Let’s Encrypt follows a model of short expiry and frequent renewal, as a security measure.

I haven’t seen the FAQ link ever since I switched to the dark theme… I’m really glad that the FAQ index was stickyed or I’d never find it again… :wink:

It looks like the “FAQ” text link was hacked into the forum software.
The most obvious “better” solution would be to make it an icon and integrate it with the Search, Hamburger, and Avatar Icons.

Indeed it was. My javascript and web niceties are just about as good as my C++ for working on KiCad code… :smiley:

Help will not be turned away!

Hey, lookee there. I just noticed the FAQ button has appeared on the dark theme. Thanx. :smiley:

Perhaps an effect of your server swap over.
It was impossible to log in with the correct credentials.
Needed to go through a password reassign procedure.

I got logged out because it tossed my cookies but I had no problem signing back in. My browsers are set to toss cookies when I close them so I have to re-login on a regular basis.

Not sure what happened to you, I only had to re-login. Whether the server side session data is preserved across server changes depends on where it’s stored. Load balanced/redundant web services use persistent storage like a database. Back when I was in a server admin team, I also saw a shared NFS drive used.

After so many hours I do an F5 to reflect the most recent posts. This time the entire site simply vanisched like it did not exist. Today then the little re-login drama.