Footprint in inner layers

Hello forum,

I would like to create a footprint not only on front and back copper but also in inner layers. Is this possible?
I’ve tried to use some tricks but no result.
This footprint is just a trace drawing that I would like to make an array of it in PCBnew.

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What did you try so far?

Have you something to look at for us to get an idea what you have in mind?

Hello Joan,
“tricks” I’ve tried :

  1. create footprint in footprint editor in any layer (silkscreen) and then I tried to swap layers (silkscreen to inner1) in PCBnew
  2. create footprint in footprint editor in any copper layer and then I tried to swap layers (F copper to inner1) in PCBnew
  3. changed some footprint properties (randomly) in Footprint editor
  4. change layer pair and then flip footprint in PCBnew

I can’t recall if I tried anything else…

I have attached an image showing on the left the original footprint and on the right the array I would like to create.

Thank you Joan,

you can create a module e.g. with your path in FrontSilk
export your module and open it in text editor
change the layer from F.SilkS e.g. In1.Cu
that should let you have your module as request…
The trick can be done also with Bitmap2Component app


I can’t find ways to thank you Maurice!!!
That method worked like a charm!!!

Thank you Maurice,

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Hello ,

I’m trying to make a footprint that has 3 pads. One pad in Inner1.Cu and two on B.Cu. So I assign the pad that should be in Inner1.Cu as a pad on F.Cu. Then I’ve made some changes as Maurice suggested but couldn’t make the pad of Inner1.Cu to be visible. It is visible only in 3D-view. Do you have any advise on this problem I am facing?

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post the module…
then we can see the prob

This a test of the original file.
How can I change F.Cu to In1.Cu so that can be visible in PCBnew?

inner_pad.kicad_mod (522 Bytes)

I can see the pad modified to In1.Cu in pcbnew win 8 64bit in legacy and GAL canvas…
inner_pad_mod.kicad_mod (524 Bytes)

I am sorry for my late reply…

Thank you maui for your reply. It solved my problem but in PCBnew I see the pad that you assigned in Inner1 in grey color an not in the color that Inner 1 is. In 3Dview and GerberView everything is fine.

Thanks again for your support.

that solution is a workaround for something not implemented in kicad …
to have a different color representation you will need to change the source code…
but I would stay like that :slight_smile:

Seconding this solution.

Laying out a spiral coil on four layers and used a tool, spiki, that generates the track as a footprint.

Easy to modify the kicad_mod file with the inner layer. There’s no apparent way to move a footprint to an inner layer via the gui so this looks like the only solution right now.

It’s even easier if using a Plugin (once getting over the Hurdle of making a Simple Plugin. Look into “Simple Plugins” for Kicad… and check out some examples… 3 lines of code.

Example below moves the Selected Tracks to the Inner Copper Layer #1 (In1_Cu)

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