Footprint for Arduino Mega R3

I am looking for a Mega footprint. I looked at but no FP. Any ideas? Thanks.

Is “Mega R3” just a unique product?
Does “Mega R3” have a Data Sheet?

There is a shield template. Is that close enough?

Found this:

Thanks JMK, Hermit and GMC, good leads I will pursue. Al

Thanks, I found it on GitHub and it may meet my needs for an outline with mounting holes. Al

A few years ago, I used Kicad’s Mega Template Shield - it had too may dimension problems so, I made one. I don’t know if it’s been updated and I don’t know about those posted online…

So, if you have trouble with it and want a DXF of the shape/mount-holes (to File>Import>Graphics), attached is mine (there may be very-fractional dimension differences but I had Zero problems with it… When Importing, select the Edge-Cuts layer…

See follow-up post (it has the correct file)

Image shows approx dims and best to ignore them beyond using as FYI…

Thanks so much for this. Nicely done and I will use it. Al

You’ll find this one (attached) is cleaned (removed the doubled lines - I grabbed the wrong one in my first post…)

mega_clean.dxf (42.2 KB)

Thanks, much appreciated. Al

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