Fixing plugin JLCPCB

Hi guys, I am using some time lately to migrate some plugins available to v5.99 / v6.

There an interesting plugin to make all JLCPCB output files integrated with Pcbnew. I have fix some issues but I am still working on a “Patch-3”.

The issue now is related to get the “LCSC#” fields on the new “.kicad_sch” format. Do anyone want to help? Some tip about library for parse the file?

You can use sexp parser to transform file into python types and look for specific keywords. I have a barebones parser here. It will return nested lists that you can search for symbols and extra fields.

Thanks @qu1ck, I was thinking to direct try regular expression but I better library/function is always handly.

There is some minor issues that I want to fix but may be ready for some try, if someone want.

Hello @hildogjr, can you provide an example of use ? In your Github, I don’t understand : “an extra attribute in the schematic called "LCSC” ?!!?
The generation of .CSV is done at the PCB level, not of the schematic?
Thanks !

Yes, the plugin now working on 5.99 (the previous plugin that I forked was for v5). It have to be used at Pcbnew as a KiCad plugin, just clicking…

The extra field “LCSC” or “LCSC#” (I prefer this last to compatibility with KiCost tool) is the stock code of lcsc/jlcpcb components, used to the SMD assembly process. In the v5.99 (thanks to @qu1ch here) the schematic fields are propagated to pcbnew file.

If you don’t filled it on the schematic and intend to select the parts at the JLCPCB wizard process for production, just set “lcsc#” of all the component that you intent to assembly to “1”, this will be enough to be listed at JLCPCB website after file importation.

Tip: use the “Bulk-edit fields” table on the top bar of Eeschema to this task.

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