Modified BOM Generator for JLPCB

After watching an excellent YouTube tutorial I learned that the standard Python BOM generator created csv files that needed post-processing for acceptance by JLPCB. As the changes were fairly trivial I created a modified version of “bom_csv_grouped_by_value_with_fp” which created the correctly formatted (column names mainly) csv for JLPCB.

I’m sure that others would find it useful too but I could not find where these files are in the repository to submit it. Is there a specific location for user submissions?

David Goadby

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Open a Merge Request here:

The BOM scripts are located in

Thanks for that, I will make a submission.

For the same reasons I would also like to modify, in Fabrication Outputs, the script that creates the Footprint Position Files. Do you know where it is located?

If it’s of your interest

A plugin to v5.99 that creates also the position files to assembly.

Hmm, I see you are a lot further ahead than I am with this idea.

My hack of “bom_csv_grouped_by_value_with_fp” does work with the 5.19. I see you are working on v5.99/v6 is there a reason for this such as data structure changes or could it be backported?

As there are a lot of 5.19 users should I still submit my code anyway or is it wasted effort?

I am looking at where you are going with this and will see if I can help. My Python is good but my C/C++ is a little rusty.

My C/C++ is also far way that I need to understand the complete KiCad code… :-/

The v5.99 allow export the Eeschema fields direct to Pcbnew thanks to @qu1ck. This Python plugin that I “made” use this idea and it is the evolution (you can check the original project that I forked) of a v5.1 compatible plugin that scrape the Eschema file to get such information.

I used to my last sent board.

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