Finding Arduino Pro Mini footprint

I do not like “arduino” much, but I bought some arduino boards (The wide boards with crazy pinout) together with some TFT displays from Ali, because I was curious about those displays and assumed I could just stick such a display on the arduino board.

It did not fit!
Pin spacing between the left and right row of pins was 0.1" wider than on the arduino boards.
By bending the “arduino” connectors a bit outward, and the TFT pins a bit inward I was able to fit them together but is is not as it should be.

Beware of library components. Triple check everything.
This is also why I maintain my own checked library components.

From an old post at Arduino Blank Shield Available? :

Click the first link in the above quote & look at the pictures! Even Sparkfun seems to have produced two variations of the Pro Mini!

Perhaps the attachments to Help with importing arduino pro mini . . . ??


I may well have gotten it backwards. The point is, be careful :slight_smile:

That’s the one! Worked great for me.

To be fair, SparkFun’s newer version is strictly backwards-compatible with their older version. All they did was add two new analog pins in a place where there had been no pins before.

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