Help with importing arduino pro mini, and Meanwell LDD700h schematics


New to Kicad, also new to learning PCB design.
I have a schematic in PDF format that I’m wanting to create in KiCad.
This schematic includes an arduino pro mini board, and a Meanwell LDD700h LED driver board.

There are Eagle library files for these parts, my question is how do I get them into KiCad. Do I have to create new parts?
I need the component schematic and pcb layout versions of these.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?
To save the hassle, I’m happy to pay via Paypal to get these files made to save me time.


Arduino parts are mostly already available, either in the Atmel library or out there on the Internet, search with Google.

The Meanwell part - I think you need to make your own symbols. You will have to learn how to do this. There are some good tutorials

…through hole or SMD? (70.5 KB)

The datasheet I found ( wasn’t very clear about the position of the through hole pins 11/12/13/14 in regards to the others… they only gave a distance for the pin 1/2/… to the edge of the housing up there. The model and the footprint do NOT obey that as I positioned them aligned to the center of the device… I assumed a grid with 2.54 mm (similar to the SMD pad positions).
So please be careful - you need a real device to check/get the missing (I guessed) dimensions! (45.4 KB)

Have fun creating the symbols I’d say :wink:

PS: donate to KiCAD @ CERN if you want to spend money. It’s appreciated. (via KiCAD website, top right corner, Donate Button)


I wasn’t aware Meanwell were branching out into this area, I know them as mains smps makers.
The part does look like it is based on a 24 pin 0.6" DIL footprint

You may find a project for making the Arduino Pro Mini itself in the KiCAD “Templates” folder. That is enough information for you to construct a footprint and symbol relevant to your particular project. Look in \share\kicad\template\Arduino_Pro_Mini.

Be careful with modules in the Arduino world - they are NOT all mechanically interchangeable! I have had problems with this when using both the Arduino Pro Mini, and the Real Time Clock module (called “ZS-042” by some vendors). See comments at Arduino Blank Shield Available? .


Arduino_Pro_Mini.kicad_mod (9.4 KB)
Arduino_Pro_Mini_Sparkfun.kicad_mod (9.4 KB)
Arduino_Pro_Mini.dcm (332 Bytes)
Arduino_Pro_Mini.lib (3.5 KB)

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