Feed noise to high pass filter from CSV file


Hello Guys,
I am new to KiCad Simulator. I have the discrete samples (Values from ADC) of noise signals in a .csv file. Is it possible to feed those discrete values as analog signal to a high pass filter?? If yes, how ??


Yes, you can, but a little action is required. You may use the ngspice filesource.

Place the attached file filesource.lib into a directory of your choice.
Create a symbol with two pins 1 and 2 (like a voltage source).
Attach filesource.lib to that symbol.
In filesource.lib, replace the file name sine.m by your input file (path/name).
Design the high pass filter, its input connected to pins 1 and 2 of the new filesource symbol. Place a ground symbol to pin 2.
Set up a transient simulation.
Run the simulation and watch the output.

filesrc.cir (142 Bytes)
filesource.lib (401 Bytes)
sine.m (14.0 KB)

For testing with discrete ngspice, place all three files into a directory, cd into that directory and start with ‘ngspice filesource.cir’