Feature "Pack and Go" like Solidworks

Are there any plans to implement functionality similar to feature Pack and Go Overview in Solidworks?

Judging from this exchange, it seems like there are no plans here, Project and libary setup for sharing and collaboration (KiCad version 5)

If it is confirmed that there are no plans, we may consider creating an addon.
Alternatively, please consider adding functions to kicad itself.

That’s a topic started 3 years ago. Progress is rapid and v5 is so ancient. You should look at v8 to judge what else needs to be done. Meanwhile some things are already easier:

  • Symbols and footprints are stored in the project files
  • You can migrate library entries into project libraries
  • There’s a plugin to grab the 3D models

plus other things that don’t come to my mind but I’m sure others will bring up.


This appears to be similar to Project Manager / File / Archive Project. Except for the 3D models, which KiCad does not back up by itself.

I do not make use of the archive function of KiCad myself though, simply because I am unable to remember wich files do and which do not end up in the archive. Also when projects get bigger, it becomes more complicated. What if your project contains software? Mechanical drawings for housings, tables, text notes, etc…).

One option is to put the whole shebang into Git, and this is a valid and common strategy.

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Maybe this is near of expect feature, project-archive.
I found late. Thank you @paulvdh

However, it seems like project-archive is only packaging files of under project folder.

Pack and Go Overview of Solidworks is literally bundles all related files into a zip package.

And I found this feature now, [File] → [Export] → [Symbols to …].

I think that In order to achieve functionality like Pack and Go Overview, wouldn’t it be better to include [Symbols to …] as an optional process for project-archive?

And this is related post, Plugin for archiving project?.