Exporting KiCad netlist to Micro-Cap

I’m trying to Export a Netlist from kicad to use in Micro-Cap where I can simulate the circuit as I would prefer to do it in Micro-Cap rather than use kicad’s own Spice facilties.When I export the netlist from Kicad it opens in Micro-Cap as a text file in the schematic window.Is there some conversion operation I am missing?
I’m pretty new to this so if someone could explain the process of 1. creating a compatible netlist file from Kicad and then 2. Importing procedure in Microcap, that would be great.
Here is a picture of what i get in Micro-Cap after going to file and open:

First: Micro-Cap is going away (not being updated). Choose another Simulator.

I prefer LTspice and run it from Kicad and/or use Kicad’s Netlist for running in LTspice.

You may be able to run Micro-Cap from Kicad (I see no reason why it wouldn’t boot-up but, using the Netlist my be a challenge (I never used Miro-Cap so, I have no comment).

This older post of mine may help and have posted a few times on this topic (search if you need more info). Kicad has changed since posting the above…

Thanks BlackCoffee but I don’t yet know my way around either Kicad or Micro-Cap so haven’t made any progress from the previous posts.
If anyone has experience of working between these two programmes it would be great to get a detailed workflow including how and in what format to save files for importing and exporting etc.
Basically I’d like to test circuits in Micro-Cap(at least untill Kicad becomes as capable as this for simulating including having the same amount of Spice models etc-probably a bit much to ask for) and do the pcb work in Kicad so I don’t have to re-draw the schematic in Kicad after testing.
Any more help much appreciated.

This may sound a bit rude but, to me, if you’re not willing to click some buttons (so to speak) and try as I suggested (looking at my/other’s posts) then, you may be hoping in vain.

And, re-emphasizing; Micro-Cap is no longer a viable tool, especially if just starting to learn it. Why learn how to use no-longer-valid app’s…

Good luck (and, read the BLUE text in Graphic in post I linked to). That will get you a Netlist from Kicad. Then, you can try to use it in Micro-Cap (or LTspice/other…). I think your comments are addressed in that linked post (especially you exchange LTspice for Micro-Cap)

Better than that. Micro-Cap’s website is now down for good

you can still download it.
The main benefit of Microcap is that it is free :smiley: ==> I think it the most sophisticated free circuit simulator out there.
I would like to import Microcap schematic to kidcad

Click the Link in my first post above and set the Command to the location of your Executable Microcap program… (naturally, the Circuit/components need to be compatible with the Netlist… For LTspice, a .CIR is created instead of .NET. I have no idea what you need and what will get created…)
good luck.

Thanks !

weekend project :slight_smile: