Exorbitant Memory consumption by GerbView

Another issue I have with the new version 5.0.1 (Linux Mint) is the more than exorbitant need of memory of GerbView. If I load only one layer with a size of 30MB (generated by version 4.0.7) it need an amount of memory of 800MB in Fallback mode. In accelerated mode it needs almost 900MB. If I load a Gerber file with 90MB (the same file, but generated with version 5.0.1) it needs almost 2 GB. If I load all four layers of the project, I can’t work anymore, the memory is full. Even the swap partition is filled with 7 GB!!! Under these circumstances KiCad 5 is not usable! For comparison: GerbV by gEDA needs for the same file (top layer 90MB) only 320 MB in highest quality mode and I don’t need any swap space at all.

You might want to report this over on the bugtracker. (I can not find any bug report that handles this topic right now.) More details see the FAQ article: I found a bug. What now?

Hi @MFR, any chance you can share one of your Gerber files with me for testing purposes?

@craftyjon this might be related to the use of segment fill for zones. At least this was what we found in the other topic of OP: Size of gerber files exorbitant!

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