Size of gerber files exorbitant!

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With Version 5.0.1 of KiCad I get gerber files, which have almost the triple size of the gerber files generated by any version of KiCad 4. Is that normal? For example, I have version 4.0.7 of KiCad which generates a gerber file (e.g. Top layer) with a size of 30MB. With 5.0.1 the size of the gerber file of the SAME project is almost 90MB. I can’t believe that’s normal.

You might want to report this as well as your other report over at the bugtracker. (I can not find any mention of it on the bugtracker at this point.)

Are you using rounded rectangles or custom pads? These will use far more Gerber description than circle or rectangle pad primitives

Now I know what the problem was. I always used the “segment” option instead of “polygon” when created a polygon. Every polygon I created in low resolution. I changed it from “segment” to “polygon” and the size of the Gerber file is now only a little bit more than 1 % of the size before. In that case I wonder, what’s the difference between polygon and segment, or what the advantage of the option “segment”. In my case it wasted a lot of memory, but I couldn’t see any advantage.

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(Somebody who is fluent in “Gerber” is welcome to correct me . . . . )
The “Segment” fill method creates a fill zone (“copper pour”) as a series of overlapping line segments, each one the width of your specified “Minimum width” for that particular zone. It may take a zillion such segments to completely fill a large zone. The “Polygon” fill method describes the zone’s filled area as a polygon, using the location of each consecutive vertex. Even a very elaborate polygon may have only a few hundred vertices. The syntax of the Gerber file specification knows that the polygon should be completely filled with copper.


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I presume that polygon is a late addition to the Gerber format, as it was originally just a set of optical projection and shutter control primitives.

page 170, “Painted regions”.

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Which says that painted or stroked regions are deprecated

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