Execute NGSpice by kicad-cli

Is there a way to run the ngspice simulation by passing the Eeschema file (ngspice), some simulation parameters (.tran ... or Resistor=x) and collect the result in a file / memory?

Or maybe exporting the netlist file by kicad-cli sch netlist %file.kicad_sch% (parse the file to change or add parameters) and after call ngspice to collect the result file?


kicad-cli sch netlist --format spice will get you a spice netlist and in theory include the simulation command, but you still have to run ngspice manually (we don’t bundle ngspice.exe, so you need to download that yourself if you are on Windows or macos)

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About simulation from the exported netlist or direct from kicad_sch file, is it a way?

In past I have installed both (kicad-ngspicelib + ngspice) to have the internal simulation on Eeschema plus the ngspice CLI interface. But this created me a update issue that I don’t want to repeat in future.

Summarizing I want to use a the work follow: from kicad_sch file have a exported netlist from simulation, parse it to change same values, simulate and collect the results.