Exclude from BOM' fabrication attribute

When I update the pcb with changes made to schematic, it is resetting components I have excluded from the BOM, to again, include them in the BOM. It does not appear to reset all of the components though!
What do I need to tick to stop it doing this?
Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Depends on how you do it.
If you “exclude from BOM” in the Board editor, it will udpate the properties from your schematic at the time you perform the update. If you exclude the part from BOM in the schematic, upon update PCB it will propagate the change.
For “Update board from schematic”, Schematic is the source of data and the PCB is the destination.

Thanks, I have solved it by ticking boxes in both schematic and pcb.
Though I would have thought, if you are updating the pcb from the schematic, then you would anticipate it would transfer the settings across!
But as I say, SOLVED :smiley:

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