ESP8266 PCB design similar to Arduino UNO


We are debugging an old project, where we have used Arduino UNO and WiFi shield, now we want to replace them with ESP8266 WiFi module. Now problem is we have different shields plugged on it i.e. motor shield. So, we want to create the ESP8266 shield similar to Arduino UNO, like this one: ESP8266 Arduino UNO - Share Project - PCBWay so that we could easily plug other shields on it. Can someone please provide this PCB design?


A template for the arduino is already part of KiCad. Just start the KiCad Project Manager and then File / Create Project from template.

If the project you pointed to has Gerber files then you can:

Several PCB manufacturers (such as PCB way you already found, but also Oshpark, Aisler, Easyeda, Circuitmaker) have a collection of publicly available projects, and reverse engineering from that may help in getting your own project started.

Another possibility is to have a look at github. Both (the ridicilous) “arduino” connector layout and the ESP8266 are common, and maybe a complete project is already available there.

Some other considerations:
If you start designing your Own PCB’s, then why stick to the (quite horrible) “arduino shield” layout?
I just had a look at what is on an “arduino motor shield” and I find IC’s like L298, which should have been directed to the obsolete bin 15 years ago. Just compare it (price, spec, size) with for example an Allegro A4950. This is an H-bridge (40V 3A) and it’s efficiency is so high it fits in an 8 pin SOIC package.

In my experience, dual row 2.54mm headers are the simplest to use and most universal board-to-board connectors. You can use male & female variants to stack them directly, or you can put flatcables in between. With flatcables you also have the advantage that making custom cables is relatively simple. Just separate the wires, and then press them one by one in the connector in any order you need for a particular project.

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