Error: vector V(Net-_R1-Pad1_) not found!

Hello, I am starting in kicad. I need to perform a frequency analysis of a circuit and to practice, I am trying to perform some simple tests. Simulating first order filters, it happens that when I try to simulate a low pass filter, the simulator throws the following error:

No compatibility mode selected!
Circuit: KiCad schematic
Background thread stopped with timeout = 0
Doing analysis at TEMP = 27.000000 and TNOM = 27.000000
Warning: v1: has no value, DC 0 assumed
Reference value : 1.00000e-02
No. of Data Rows : 1101
Error: vector V(Net-R1-Pad1) not found!
Error: vector V(Net-R1-Pad1) not found!

attached netlist(I omit the @'s because it won’t let me publish the post):

.title KiCad schematic
V1 GND Net-V1-Pad2 AC 1
R1 Net-V1-Pad2 GND 1
C1 GND Net-V1-Pad2 4.324u
.save v1[i]
.save r1[i]
.save c1[i]
.save V(Net-V1-Pad2)
.ac dec 100 0.01 1G


With the same components, the simulation works perfectly if I set it as a high pass filter.

thanks in advance,


Your picture does not match with the netlist.

In the netlist there is no Net-R1-Pad1, so V(Net-R1-Pad1) cannot be found.

In the netlist you have R1 and C1 in parallel connected to V1. This is not a low-pass filter.

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I don’t know what happened, now I simulate the circuit and it works correctly.

I had the wrong image and the wrong netlist apparently.

Nevertheless, thanks for the help.

I was trying several configurations, is it possible that that was the problem ? that you have to update the netlist in each simulation ?

How is the netlist generated in the kicad 6 version ?

Thank you.