Error: Missing connection between Items: 1. Zone [GND] on B.Cu, 2. Zone [GND] on F.Cu

I am Facing the following error, need help

Error: Missing connection between Items: 1. Zone [GND] on B.Cu, 2. Zone [GND] on F.Cu

The PCB image is too small and not complete, so it’s difficult to say anything detailed, but basically you don’t have connections between the layers – pads or vias – which would connect the filled GND areas in the front and the back. In the current form the GND isn’t good. There have been quite many threads where novices are told how to stich zones in different layers together and how to make a good ground/power plane.

EDIT: here’s one thread: Beginner's questions before sending for print

Kindly now have a look at it

Zones are filled and connected to GND pads at their layer. Then each zone islands having no connection to any GND pad are deleted.
Your GND is not fully connected - you must have some GND pads at top that are connected to a part of zone filled and other GND pads at bottom that are also connected to a part of zone filled but those zones have no connection between them.
You have 0 GND vias at your PCB and at such PCB I would expect something about 100 GND vias.

Did you read the thread I linked? For example this post: Beginner's questions before sending for print - #13 by eelik ?

Or much more. You could have vias for example in a rough 2 cm or 1 cm grid everywhere where they don’t touch other nets, and then vias in all sharpish corners of filled GND areas, and then along all edges of the filled areas. This may be exaggeration but probably there still wouldn’t bee too many vias. The point is that copper isn’t really 0 ohm resistor, while a good GND has as close to 0 ohm as possible between any two locations. (As a rule of thumb; I’m not a specialist, so take this with a grain of salt.)

You could see what happens when you put a via connecting front copper and back copper and if the error disappears you will then have to look at the whole grounding scheme of the board. I would also tick the Box for ‘Warnings’ as you have 3 and could possibly aid you. Also check your zones are what you think they are, as in all connected as you expect on both front and back and click on the error and see where that takes you :slightly_smiling_face:

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