Error message

Hello everyone, after drawing the circuit diagram, I get this message: Input power pin is not controlled by any output pin. I’ve checked all the connections, they’re all OK, but I don’t really understand this message. Maybe someone here has an idea. Thanks

There might be a newer/updated version of this? Basics I think still apply. Pins have properties.

You should really post at least a screenshot and the version information, from Help > About KiCad > Copy Version Info.

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I think you haven’t even quoted the message correctly, it should be power output pin. This often is due to no pins of type power output in your schematic, and a PWR_FLAG is needed.

If you have something like a voltage regulator, with input wired to a connector, you need a PWR_FLAG on the wire to tell the ERC that this wire is the power source.

Thanks for the feedback. Yes, I designed a small circuit with an L7812 and got two error messages after the ERC. Once at the input of the controller and the second at the GND input of the controller.