Enable-Disable Automatic Deletion of Redrawn Track

I run KiCad v5.1.2-1 on W7.

On the Help file (pcbnew.html) there is, on the left column, an icon for:
“Enable/Disable automatic deletion of a track when it is redrawn” (BoardHelp.png)
(In the old days it was labelled: “Enable-Disable auto delete old track”.

As you see on “actualBoard.png” below, it is not shown on the board window.

But, based on Unwanted auto track deletion (solved) , it seems that the one mouse click of enable/disable is replaced by four; unless I missed something.

If this is the case, updating the paragraph “3.12 Left-hand side toolbar” on the next help file would minimize the confusion (for the old KiCad users in the least). And perhaps it would be good to add a note about how to do in order to get the same effect of the removed icon/function (menu: Route => Interactive Routing Settings).


Your screen resolution is outside of what kicad requires as a minimum resulting in you not seeing all buttons. Either increase the resolution to the minimum required or use the preferences menu dialogs to achieve the same action (with a lot more clicks)

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@Rene_Poschl even I thought this was issue with icon size… but I checked on my system and that menu icon is actually not present in my view… I’ve scaled the icons in settings…
I’m running stable 5.1.2 on 16.04 LTS

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@apurvdate Thank you for the screenshot. It seems that more icons could be displayed (at the left).

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