EEschema crosshair cursor sticks on the middle of the screen


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Maybe this?


To explain the “fix committed” state of that bug report:

As there will not be a further 4.0.x release, this will not be fixed within the KiCad 4 release series. The next release will be KiCad 5.x. (Will be released in a few months.)

The reason this is marked as fixed is that the nightly build (which will become KiCad 5) does not seem to experience this bug.
If somebody can replicate the bug in a recent nightly then it should either be reopened or a new bug for nightly builds should be created.


Dear eelik,

Yes, it is the same problem.

I have read the inputs to the forum and I got the impression that you wanted to see how many users have experienced the problem. All I wanted to flag is that I am experiencing the same problem.

When do you plan to release a new version?

Is a nightly build complete with libraries and everything like a complete release?


Jorgen Sandberg


Did you even read my comment?

I gave you all the information that would answer your question.
(One part of the information is that we are only fellow users. I pointed you to the FAQ entry detailing what you should do if you found a bug. I also explained why this bug is already considered fixed in my last response.)


Dear Rene,

Yes, I have read your reply. However, I read and reacted to the mail from eelik, before I opened the mail from you.

Now, I know there will be a KiCAD version 5 in a couple of months and that the nightly build does not have the issue with a hanging crosshair. That is promising.

I used to use the hobby version of EAGLE. I paid about € 75 every two to three years when they came out with a major upgrade. Unfortunately, EAGLE does not offer a hobby license anymore. Someone recommended me to try KiCAD and I am in the learning phase. Most likely, I will leave it until the version 5 is released. I have tried a nightly build, but the libraries are not included, and I do not want to go through the hassle of finding out where to download them from and how to install them. I am not doing that kind of stuff regularly, so it is a major task for me to figure out exactly how to.

I realize, you and others are spending your spare time on KiCAD and make it available free to people like me. Thank you, that is very nice of you.




Well the libs can be downloaded directly from the kicad webside.


KiCad seems to have had this bug for a surprisingly long time - and I don’t know why people are talking about NVidia drivers, because it’s clearly a straightforward KiCad UI bug. From the symptoms I can see that the EEschema window stops receiving mouse messages (e.g. loses mouse capture and doesn’t notice), and therefore the internal mouse position no longer tracks the system mouse cursor. When you click somewhere it’s the un-updated position that is assumed by the tool, and that’s probably not a meaningful position so you get the error beep.

If it was an NVidia or Windows bug then it wouldn’t only affect one window class in one application.