EEschema crosshair cursor sticks on the middle of the screen


I have used Kicad version 4.0.7 for a long time. Yesterday Windows made some big update and today I can’t use EEschema (just coincidence?).

Cursor crosshairs will stuck all the time to the middle of the screen. I can still move the mouse cursor and change the tool. The problem is that I can’t click anything (I just get error tone). The click point seems to be at crosshairs, not at the mouse cursor. The problem can be fixed by saving the schematic or closing the window, but the error will appear again quite soon.


This from another thread:


I did update Nvidia drivers from version 388.11 to 388.53. The problem still exist. I didn’t remove old video drivers, just install the latest version.

At moment schematic editor is very hard to use. I have to minimize-maximize editor window almost every schematic changes. Things went bad after the “Feature update to Windows 10, version 1709”.

To me the error seems to be on Kicad side, because the mouse cursor works normally, just the cross hair cursor stops follow the mouse cursor. It seems like the cross hairs would first jump to the left-bottom corner and after that it will stick on middle of the window. Window move or resize do not help, but when I change window to full screen mode and back to window mode or minimize-maximize the window, the cursor is re-activated.

My desktop PC’s hardware is not exotic, but I use Kensington Trackball as a mouse. My display size is 2560 x 1440.


I did just noticed that cross hairs will be re-activated if I change active window and then go back to EEschema window.

This fatal error is very easy to reproduce.


On your specific platform. This does not mean it is easy to reproduce for developers.
But still: This is a user forum. You might want to report this bug (with all the information you are able to gather) over at the kicad bug tracker.


Happened to me as well exactly as described. Did not notice if it started after a Windows update - I think it started about 2 weeks ago (but since I have been using the same stable Kicad version for the last two months I guess something changed in Windows that does not interact well with Kicad)
I work with Kicad several hours a day and it comes an goes - some days once or twice and some days much more.
Not sure but it seems to happen after performing an action using the mouse right-click menu - e.g if I place the cursor over a part and click “e” for edit everything goes well but if I select this option via the right click the cursor freezes after I return from editing the part back to the schematic.


When the cursor is frozen, only the mouse cursor is moving. Mouse buttons doesn’t do anything over the drawing area (buttons should open selection menus). The mouse cursor hovering over the component and key press (e.g ‘E’ or ‘M’) just makes an error sound.

There is no problem accessing functions around the drawing area.

Cursor will be OK again after any new window is opened (any EEschema function will do the trick if it opens new window) and then returned to the schematic editing.

Does the EEschema have inbuilt trace or log file system?


Are you sure you don’t have any windows or dialogues open in the background? I have had something similar on a multiple display setup when working full screen & a partly hidden dialogue popped up on the secondary display.


Does not look like an open dialogue issue - as Kassu62 describes, everything but the operation of mouse actions within the drawing are works - e.g. you can save the file but you cannot place a component or move a wire.
Of course it could be that there is some kind of pop up dialog window that for some reason is not showing but I doubt it since this happens after very simple and common actions (e.g - edit a component - I can edit 5 components one after the other, 4 work ok and it happens on the 5th).
Maybe (very odd thing if it happens) the pop up dialog window is for some reason not closing properly - disappears from the screen but not actually closed and the system thinks it is still in the pop u window mode.


There was a freeze with similar symptoms in the nightly for a while after executing exchange footprint. (It was fixed weeks ago.) The “remedy” then was to select another layer and select back to the current one to unfreeze. However I believe this was specific to the nightly as I never noticed it in 4.07. Sometimes when I have tested the nightly in a very slow VM I have noticed a partial disconnect between cross-hair and mouse cursor, cross-hair having a serious delay.


This sounds a lot like the problem I am running into.

Here is a screen capture of:

  1. Changing a label - note how the cross-hairs track the cursor
  2. After the change the cross-hairs don’t track the cursor anymore.
  3. After opening and dismissing the Help window the cross-hairs track the cursor again.

I see them problem with both the 32- and 64-bit versions of 4.0.7. This is running under Win10 Pro on a Dell E7440 laptop.



I confirm that this problem happened after my Windows 10 upgraded to the new 1709 revision (so called “Fall Creators Update”). The problem is exactly as described. I currently did not find any fix for that problem except switch to another window and come back to KiCAD which makes it practically reasonably unusable.



Has anybody already notified the developers over at the bugtracker?
Maybe they can nail down what the underlying problem is and guide users to a solution even if kicad version 4 will no longer get any update.


The error seems to be very rare, except for those unlucky users who has it all the time. So I don’t see what bugtracker notice would help. It seems, that KiCad do not have inbuilt trace system? The error report would be much better with error trace attachment. Like I said before, the error is very easy to reproduce, but that does not help developers to catch the error.


Well if every user who has it very time would report it maybe there is a pattern to be found. If none report it and no developer is lucky enough to have the one system setup that reliably leads to this bug then it will never be fixed.


This is why the developers need users to spot these odd errors and report them. They will help you get the clues to find the bug.


I am a new user, but noticed the cursor hang on windows 10 as well. I just double click the windows Task View icon and it unfreezes for me. I have the creator update for windows as well.



I’m just trying to compile KiCAD, but it’s a big mess with all dependencies of the project.

I’ll post a feedback here if I ever succeed in compiling!

Gorgo Treize.


I just heard about similar problem in Solid Works. My co-worker said, that after the Windows feature update the mouse cursor will stuck just like in KiCad. He has two monitors and his solution is to move mouse cursor to another monitor and back.


I have the same problem. The crosshair hangs after I for example have changed the value of a component. I use Windows 10 with all updates. When I activate another window and close it again, the crosshair follows the mouse cursor.

It is extremely annoying, please repair and issue a new version of KiCAD.