Eagle .lbr - Error when open Footprint

I added an Eagle .LBR to the footprint libarys, format is set to Eagle. When I want to use it or open it in the footprint editor i receive following error message:

The lbr is from here: OpenDCC - Eagle Libs

It is the first one called “Lok-Schnittstellen”

I also installed the latest version of Eagle and safed it as a new file and exported it for Eagle 7x.
Both did not work.

Can somebody please help? Is there maybe a way to convert it to KiCad6 format?


The error is access is denied, so this looks like a windows permissions issue.

in between I installed KiCad on my linux box and tried again. The error message is different:

But for the footprints I can not point to a single file, I can only point to a folder.

Any suggestions?

Actually I don’t think KiCad allows importing of single .lib files. You normally have to import a complete Eagle project and then KiCad will convert the schematic/libraries etc all in one go.

You could try this - it’s from a old post so not sure if it still works:

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The solution:

Here you can open an Eaglie Libary and add it to your footprints.


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