*.dxf File Loads Correctly in [5.1.9], Fails to Load Correctly in [5.99]

I want to load a contour from a *.dxf file into Pcbnew. Here the file: pcb_outline.dxf (20.0 KB)

Using File>Import>Import Graphics… works as expected. The contour is loaded into the selected layer.

Using File>Import>Graphics… results in a contour on the selected layer that lacks all curved lines. Only straight lines are imported.

Do I do something wrong or is this a bug (and if so, where should I report it)?

Yes, this is definitely a bug. In 5.99, under the “Help” menu, you will find an option to “Report Bug”. Click that and fill out the template.


KiCad / Help / Report Bug feature in KiCad V5.99 creates an issue on gitlab directly. I do not know if it works if you do not have a gitlab account.

I’m getting the same result. Import in KiCad V5.1.9 looks OK, but in V5.99 I see only the straight lines.

I submitted a bug report: https://gitlab.com/kicad/code/kicad/-/issues/7030


The bug has been fixed. Thank you to everyone involved! :grin:

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