DRC templates for various safety standards


The Board house DRC Templates thread prompted a thought …

Having just finished my first high voltage (120V) design (still in prototype phases), I was wondering if it made sense to create templates for various UL/Safety standards? It seems like are several classes of boards that would be fairly common (example: PCB that contain 120V + low voltage circuity on one PCB), and there could be standard rules for things like HV/HV and HV/LV spacing. Or maybe a rule generator that takes input like:


However, I don’t have a lot of experience in this area, so interested if others think this is practical.

I would avoid listing any template as suitable for mains use. These sort of things are more dangerous than many beginners realize and you don’t want to be responsible (in either an ethical or legal sense) for a potentially dangerous circuit.

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A lesson I learned 40 years ago. I explained to the head maintenance engineer for a large high rise apartment complex how to by pass a hard to get to oven switch to test it. Two white wires with an extra sleeve of high temperature fabric came down, one on each side of the oven cavity, to the back panel You put a jumper between them to bypass the switch. I caught a boat load of grief the next time I saw him. Even had I told him to take the leads off of the oven light socket and short them I would have expected someone in his position to know better.

Never underestimate the ingenuity of a true idiot.

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