Drawing metal arcs


I have high speed lines(5 GHz), which are to be routed from chip to SMAs.

I need to increase the thickness of PCB traces from 0.25mm to 0.75mm
gradually (without any extra metal around less thickness trace).

Further, I need to make round arcs with metal lines.

It would be a great help for me if you give info about the same. I am looking forward to your answer.


You mean vertical copper thickness of the track or it’s horizontal width?


If width is what you’re talking about you might have to create that part of the track as a footprint and then use no-fill-zones to keep copper fill to encroach too close to that structure.

Try a search of this forum with ‘microstrip’, ‘microwave’, ‘GHz’ or ‘antenna’.

‘metal lines’ meaning copper track?
If so, there was a modification to KiCAD v4 some time ago that had this, but it hasn’t made its way to the mainstream release yet.
Workaround is to use scripting and short straight pieces of track to create those areas.

Try a search of this forum with ‘copper arc’, ‘copper circles’ or ‘python scripting’.


Thank you for your reply. You have correctly guessed about trace widths and copper tracks.


If its only a small number of traces, you can use the zone tool with fillet corner smoothing, it lets you change size smoothly. (Set to solid location)

Ive touched up a few high speed traces this way before.


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