Diode footprint backwards from EEschema(screenshots)

I’ve checked all the pins in both footprint and component and it seems like they’re not matching. pins 1 and 2 are swapped. I’m using the KiCad Diodes_SMD: SOD-323 footprint

Is this a mistake in the footprint library?

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Quite possible, humans make mistakes :slight_smile:

This is the 1N4148WS
Wasn’t there a change to the libraries recently thanks to them being changed to match the IPC standard with cathode defined to be pin 1.
eg see IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Diode pins swapped in standard KiCad Libraries


What KiCad version are you using? I checked my designs and Pin is always cathode now, so your pcb footprint is correct. Your problem is the schematic symbol

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If you are using the “new” footprints, make very sure to use the new schematic symbols. Bear in mind even in the new libraries there are some inconsistencies, and because of the caches components might look right in the library viewer but may not be the same as used in your project. There is an additional cache in the “rescue” library if you migrate a project from old Kicad.

I have on my checklist “check diodes and LEDs pin 1, symbol and footprint” - which includes eliminating the caches or making sure they are up to date relative to the source library.