DFPlayer Pro Symbol DFR0768 Location

I am using kicad 6. I need a symbol for the DFPLAYER pro DFR0768. SnapEDA does not have anything and the df people give only a download for the footprint. Does anyone know where I can get one?

Thank you.

Just make a rectangle symbol with pins following the diagram here:


Have you made footprints before?

i have the footprint. I need the symbol. never made one


Have you created a Personal symbol library yet?

no i have not made symbols or libraries .i thougt that this symbol should be available somewher.

Creating a symbol is easy. I’ll write up some instructions for you.
Meantime you need to create a personal library in which you can make and store the symbol.

This FAQ should explain how to make personal libraries.
Post on here if you have difficulties following the instructions.

Even if you found one you would still need a personal library as the system libraries are read-only. Pay attention to jmk.

I a\m paying attention, watching videos and trying to figure out what I should do. I came here asking if one existed. Apparently it does not. So it appears I have to make one.

So I now start researching how to make one. If I succeed I will somehow make it available so that anyone who wants to save time can download and use it rather than having to make one. What a waste of time for many people to have to learn how to make the same thing. It should be generally available.

Beware, a lot of videos are out of date. There is official documentation for this:

With zillions of parts out there and new ones added all the time, not every part will have a KiCad symbol. It’s really only 5 minutes work to make your own. If you are public spirited you could put it in a public repo (but get the pin electrical types correct too, a lot of downloadable symbols don’t get these right) but it would take more work to search than to make one.

Or just search a little better . . . there are some ideas there to get you started.

or . . .



Or if you wish to make Personal Libraries first, I will describe how to make the above symbol.

It is about 10 min. effort for someone just starting with symbol making.

Bad information. It takes more than 5 minutes to learn how to do it.

@retiredfeline says 5 min. I say 10 min.

Not much difference in the greater scheme of things.

How much time have you wasted looking for that module schema and footprint and posting asking for help to find it today???

snapeda has nothing useful. the other either. thank you for thr time anyway.

5 hours or so . thats why i came here.

Good, I’m glad I didn’t spend 5 minutes giving you information. :stuck_out_tongue:

ii made the symbol. now a footprint

So you now have personal symbol and footprint libraries and a symbol in the symbol library.

Now you wish for a footprint.

Need help or think you’re OK?

I found a video that I think is helpful. If I run into trouble I will be back. Between watching it (22 minutes) and getting necessary dimensions and whatever else I need, It will probably take a few hours. Will get at it in the morning. thank you.