Designing FeatherWings in KiCad

I’m interested in designing a FeatherWing in KiCad. I attempted to start from and then use to convert “Proto FeatherWing” to KiCad to use as a starting point.

I ran into trouble in Step 7. Opening the Proto FeatherWing.brd file as “Eagle ver. 6.x XML PCB file” results in this dialog:

Does anyone have a FeatherWing template for KiCad that I can use as a starting point?

Or, alternatively, any idea how I can go about diagnosing/fixing the error with importing the Eagle PCB?



The most useful information for such an endeavor would be located here (feather dimensions and schematic):

Use at your own risk: (10.5 KB)

Made with a nightly version of KiCAD from February this year on Windows 64bit which has no idea of correct fp-lib-tables nor correct github symbol library paths/content (probably older than June 2015).
I took the Arduino Pro Mini template and just reused the power symbols for the schematic found in there, as I don’t have the ones that ship currently with KiCAD.

PS: this is the ‘board outline’ as a kicad footprint module, in case someone needs it directly (contained in above zip):

PCB_FeatherWing.kicad_mod (11.7 KB)


If its any use, I have automatically converted the three Feather wing boards to KiCad.

I have noticed a few problems with the conversion,

  1. schematic is offset
  2. Board outline is duplicated (there is outline on PCB and in the module)
  3. Some vias on the PCB have soldermask over them.

but it may be useful as a base.

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I fixed problems with schematic position, arcs on pcb showing as lines, solder mask on vias. Also added a custom worksheet to look like the Eagle original, and convert dimension lines on PCB.

There’s a couple of minor cosmetic issues remaining, the duplicated PCB outline causes the 3D viewer to display the PCB edge incorrectly.

If anyone has any Eagle projects they would like converting, let me know.

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I just now got back to this project, and I noticed a couple of things:

  • JP3 seems to be backwards, because VBAT should be on the left, and SDA should be on the right.

  • The rightmost pin on the bottom row is grounded in the Basic Proto feathers, but serves a different purpose in other feathers. Therefore, it should not be connected to GND in the schematic.

I’ve modified the template to fix those issues. Unfortunately, this site won’t let me upload an attachment, so here’s a link to it.

You should be able to upload now

Thanks! Here’s my corrected FeatherWing template, as an attachment now: (10.9 KB)

Now that I’m more proficient with KiCad than when I originally posted the question two years ago, I’ve redone the FeatherWing template from scratch in KiCad 5. (The previously posted template is for KiCad 4.)

My template is available on GitHub and is also attached to this post.

Since every Feather numbers the digital pins differently, I just numbered the digital pins F0 to F6, rather than favoring one particular Feather over another. (16.8 KB)

Is the FeatherWing different than the Feather PR[1] in the official templates git? If not, would you be able to look at the suggested template and give it a test to see if there’s anything missing?


A Feather (processor board) differs from a FeatherWing (peripheral board) in that the Feather has a MicroUSB connector, and a JST-PH connector for the battery. A FeatherWing does not have these, since it gets its power from the Feather.

Not missing, but the two right mounting holes appear to be incorrectly positioned. I’ve noted this in the PR.

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Please note that bottom right hole is missplaced by about 0.01 inch

Probably due to sloppy PCB workmanship

I had to make some changes to make this template work on the latest KiCAD nightly. Here is my fork if it helps anyone. @ppelleti feel free to bring my modifications into your main template if you want.

Here is what I changed:

  • Opened all the files and saved them in the format for new KiCAD. Especially of note is the .sch file which needed to be saved as .kicad_sch to be picked up as part of the template.
  • Re-encoded the thumbnail image. It was causing an error when previewing the template: libpng warning: iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile
  • Personal preference: I moved the template files to the root of the repository so I could easily git clone the template into the KiCAD templates directory.
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