Derailed topic with MISO/MOSI, and related to forum censorship

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Same goes for diodes, LEDs a.t.l. It’s even recommended to orient ICs in the same direction, although that is very purist and not always doable in a dense design.

Did you get permission from your employer to put this information openly on the Internet ?

Never in my working life have I either seen or done this. Yes I have some OCD with both Schematics and PCBs, but that design behavior is to a whole different level :astonished:

Pins and pads have numbers and components, markings, not to mention, boards usually have silk, and stuffing diagrams often exist, so checking is not difficult.

I just cannot see the point with that extreme orientation.

JMHO (then ducks for cover).

1, just what I read
2, never did it myself to that degree
3, might be less important/relevant in SMD-times
4, OCD is a serious illness (I myselfwas diagnosed with it 3 decades ago) and no material for jokes

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I think it’s makes life easier for the pick and place :wink:

…and it might be helpful for orienting yourself when testing/debugging (manually).

I know this all too well, too much personal experience. The post was written with astonishment, hence the appropriate emoji.

(ducks for cover) was to relieve the post. I don’t like to appear too heavy.

Yes, a board layout needs to be neat and tidy and easy to navigate, and will often reflect the designers understanding. A certain amount of visual appeal is also good, but it is there to serve a purpose.

Attempting to, or actually making, all the ducks line up in perfect rows, I feel, could easily be detrimental to the working of the board.

It is about facing in the same direction. They may be scattered upon(?) the board. Or the lake for that matter, as these are ducks.

Btw time to clean up the thread?

Maybe once the OP has come back . . . if he ever does.

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As you wish.

For a PCB like this indeed it does not matter much.
15 years ago I worked in a factory which made Infra red beamers for sending audio (several radio channels) around a factory floor, and those beamers had an array of around 20 by 30 IR leds (all 5mm THT) and they were placed very high above the PCB so their pins acted as heat sink. The people who did rework on faulty production could spot a 180 degree rotated LED in seconds, because the orientation was the same for all of them. Now imagine having to look at silk screen symbols of those 600 LED’s to verify their orientation. It is somewhat common to do this, but it’s mainly an issue with higher volumes and production optimization. I probably should not have mentioned it in a beginners project, but once you get into the habit…

About the OCD thing.
I agree, OCD is no joke, but that does not mean you can expect the whole world to stop making jokes about it. People make jokes about serious issues all the time. It’s a part of coping with the harsh reality. There are also plenty of people who can laugh about jokes about their own issues. It’s all about context and intention.

How am I supposed to call my MOSI and MISO pins now the world is trying to outban the words “Master” and “Slave”. Have you noticed you can’t even write ■■■■ on this forum, it gets blacked out automatically. Things like that are just silly and serve no purpose whatsoever.

That’s a good one :smile:

I have a strong dislike for those “doo gooders” whith eye blinders on and who can’t see beyond their own horizon (which may as well be the edge of the sidewalk). It’s quite a shame they are conquering ever more of this Wide Weird World with their constant yelling and lobbying.

(But I think it’s better I stop now about this topic…)

I hope you are not targeting me, because that would be a severe offence.

Not at all, unless maybe you are among the people trying to ban those words from the dictionary and falsify history…

Regarding MISO and MOSI, there is a new-ish industry standard of CIPO and COPI: controller in, peripheral out (and vice versa). (I’ve also seen POCI and PICO, same definition). This has the major benefit of reducing casual racism in electronics language and also (in my opinion) clarifying what it actually means.

I have absolutely no Idea what either CIPO or COPI means. I guess it’s some anti-privacy law. I also do not understand what pins on an IC have to do with racism. The whole Idea is just absurd.

You really should just stop make correlations when there are none. Changing words does not change anything.

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Politely, this is a frustrating response. I did try to explain what they meant in the post that I used them. Controller in, peripheral out (CIPO). They are not copyright, they are replacing the Master-slave language as drop in replacement with exactly the same meaning, but with language that does not needlessly reference horrible systems of oppression.