Dark icon theme is bleak / ugly

Welcome to the forum.

You are posting but one screenshot, no commentary, nothing.

Sincerely, it’s unclear what to make of that.

Ugly, beautiful e.a. are in the eye of the beholder.
So: thanks for sharing your opinion

Hi, thanks for warm welcome
You are right i wasnt very clear
I’m trying to start a conversation about what other people think of the dark icon theme
Potentially whether some changes should / could be made to it

You’re right, it’s a big problem. I suggest that all developers should use all their resources to improve the “dark theme”.

It is my impression from this forum, that quite a few think that no new ideas or wishes for changes or improvements in KiCad should ever be expressed, because the developer have “more important things to do”…

I don’t personally see that as a good way forward for any project, but hey, I have only been involved in commercial development, so what do I know…
(For those who are interested: we wanted as much input from users as possible - the more the better - and from that we could create a better picture of what to develop in order for the product to fulfil the needs and wishes of as many customers as possible.)

You’re right, and my reply was too sharp and out of line.
On the other hand, this is engineering software.
When a newcomer’s first topic is about the theme “looks”, I get catapulted into the “influencer” world, where appearance is everything and substance is nothing.

I’m greatly delighted by a combination of good looks, good UX, good usability, good features and good technical implementation.

And lest the absolute final objective truth be forgotten…

Some icons are greyed out because they are inactive in your current view. Therefore they may look “bleak”.

Our plans for an iconic representation of Dehmel’s Drohende Aussicht have been achieved. Dreary and brutalist to the end.

Of course, nothing peps up that icon layout like Hotdog Stand theme.

I’ve never even attempted to experience this “Dreary and brutalist” theme.
What arrived on my screen when I downloaded this program is what is still there. Never been on the dark side. I tend to show a lot more interest in what is inside that big white square.

Yes, I know, I’m pretty pathetic… no sense of adventure :slightly_frowning_face:

No wonder my blinkies never turn on. :angry: Back to the paper theme. :wink:

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