Custom Text fields on sheet/sheet border

At present, it appears there is a fixed number of named fields that can be automatically populated on schematic borders. I haven’t been able to find a way to customise/add to this list…for instance, I would like there to be many fields…for mod states/ecr nos, ecr dates, check and approve names/dates etc…and possibly more as I think of them

  • Is there already a way to add these and give them ‘substitution keys’ (like %T etc) (ie, am I being thick)
  • Is this a customisation that I could make, or could be added by a developer?
    Many thanks

Possibly here:
Think it was discussed elsewhere but did not find posts.

In 5.99 (the unstable development version, nightly builds) it’s possible to use text replacement variables.

These variables are a more generic mechanism, see New string replacement options for kicad assets. The page layout comments may be seen as legacy. But this doesn’t work in the current stable version.

That’s great…and that there will be a generic solution. Any idea when this will get into a stable build?
Many thanks for the quick and useful replies.

Next year. The first release candidate (which in practice has formerly been a beta version for KiCad) is to be expected early next year.

…Until it’s available, you can make a Simple Plugin to do it.

Look into Kicad’s ’Simple Plugin’ and some examples. Below shows that User can place a Label (defined in the plugin) anywhere, on any layer and can be in the PCB’s Template (to eliminate adding it to individual PCB’s)…

Also shows Time and Date… (Can combine into same Button or, in separate button…shown)