Cursor/crosshairs drawing problem - ghosting [linux]

Registering my total dislike of the crosshairs, as dragging them around is like a ball and chain
they appear very silly.

Also the work area does not set up sufficiently in size, and the parts library I cannot find.

Compared to Oregano kicad is a joke, sorry

Have you tried switching them off? In PCBnew you can alter the cursor type using this button on the left.

I tried but they either switch to large or small , there is no off, other than turning the program off

switch canvas to OpenGL.

It is under View > Switch canvas to OpenGL or hit F11

and what exactly you mean by work area does not set up and parts library?

That is even worse, now there are 3528 blocks.and the crosshairs.

I cannot find the parts library or a list of parts, I have screens that refuse to close and are doing nothing
and there is no way to place parts on the screen because of the crosshairs.

Can you post a screenshot?

No, but there is a black background with 3528 little white border boxes , and a red box in the middle
and the crosshairs -hope that describe.

Well i fear its the same bug i had a while back. But i’m not sure. (That’s why i asked for a screenshot.)

Which version of kicad are you using? (nightly build or a stable version? Or even self compiled?)
Under what operating system? (I think there is a problem with the gtk version under some operating systems)
Graphics card? (And driver, I think there is a known problem with ati graphics cards.)

In other words we need a bit more information to help you.

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Version is 4.02, Operating System is Mint 18 , Graphics is AMD/ATI Wrestler

I think current KiCad stable is 4.0.4 Maybe update it. (With luck your bug is one of the fixed bugs done in the two updates since your version.)

You can also try the nightly builds. Maybe the bug is gone there.

Another option would be to try out different graphics drivers. (Is there still a closed source driver for ati cards?)

OK will try , Thanks

Crosshairs still very annoying, and despite many hours I cannot find any parts to place
I get - missing component library. I would have to say Kicad is very hard to use
bordering on impossible.

Slow down a bit there, little fish and don’t run needlessly into walls :wink:

KiCAD EEschema (schematic part of the system) is old and currently undergoes a rewrite (not in the public releases for another year or so), while as PCBnew (layout part) is ‘state of the art’ but still with some quirks in the OpenGL part (especially on linux).

KiCAD out-of-the-box tries to use the github repo for symbols+footprints.
For some this works, for others the link files/setup is outdated and it’s broken in the version they got for their OS.
We can guide you through to get your KiCAD set up to work, but you have to be a bit patient for this to not annoy us here.

So, can you get us the detailed error message for the missing components problem you got?

PS: KiCAD is run on many systems and in different setups by the ones who try to help, so we need a lot of detail to work your particular problem as we can’t sit in front of your machine.

PPS: I also took the freedom to adjust your thread title to get knowledgeable people drawn in that might know a solution for your particular problem/OS with the crosshair ghosting.


I also recommend spending some time looking at the tutorials. There’s a lot of them available via this link :

If you’re in a hurry, check out Matt Venn’s 15 minute videos in 5 parts.
If you have some time, look at Chris Gammell’s awesome series - Getting to Blinky 4.0 which covers all of the new stuff in KiCAD 4.0


Ubuntu 16.04 onwards makes you use the AMD radeon driver and no longer supports fglrx. It also forces an ancient OpenGL version :persevere:

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Do you have information about the rewrite of eeschema or any idea where i best find it? I am a bit curious to see what is happening :slight_smile:

@Andy_P I was afraid of that. I guess many hardcore programmers like the decentraliced way of the mailinglist, but myself i have mostly found them a bit incomprehensible. I really prefer forums or even IRC channels or the like. I think ill make do with what news trickles down to here. :stuck_out_tongue:


You can also take a look at CERN’s development list: