Current VS Voltage Source


Hello guys I have two questions.
I download kiCad today and have no experience whatsoever
My intention is to use it for the simulation of very simple circuits, in order to check the calculations I am doing by hands (studying for exams)

The thing is,
I need sometimes to include Voltage, and sometimes Current sources
But on Component’s list I can only find voltage sources.
Under the category “Power” I was able to add some sources,
The very first thing I need to simulate is a very simple circuit with some resistors and 2 Voltage sources.
One of the sources should be +10V

But under the components list. this is nowhere to be found!

Only -10V source can be found

what if I needed to add another values than those listed?
What if I need a “current source” ?
what if I need an alternating current source?

are these things doable on kicad?
if not, then I have to search for another software for the moment



Start you journey using the pspice library
which should be already bundled in your default install

The bare bones symbols are there



Sorry my Ignorance,
but how do I actually do that?
I just installed the software today,
as you mentioned this library should be already bundled on my default install

if they do. Why can’t I find different types of Voltage and Current source?



grab and drop the symbols as needed

be warned that symbols do need a MODEL attached.
that explanation is more elaborated however…



Thanks for your reply.
You mean to say, that I am pulling into my schematics but the “icon” of the source
but the innerworking properties are not present, therefore it will not be possible to execute simulations?

I hope this is not what you mean to say. Because that’s precisely what i intend to do


THE ICON to grab library parts …

IS THAT LITTLE OPAMP at your right on the toolbar

that should load the libraries you have.
But things will vary IF

  • if you have ver 4.x or 5. which rather differ
  • if your installation is properly set with paths and …

these settings greatly help the GUI to properly find your stuff

it is very advisable to have at least properly set

export KIGITHUB=		# If used, must be defined.frequently used in footprint lib tables examples 
export KICAD_SYMBOL_DIR=/share/kicad/library/		# SYMBOL library location
export KISYS3DMOD=/share/kicad/modules/packages3d/	# must be defined base path of 3D shapes files, absolute path is not usually used
export KISYSMOD=/share/kicad/modules/			# must be defined base path of footprint library folders, absolute path is not used 
export KICAD_PTEMPLATES=/share/kicad/template/		# TEMPLATES location

according your OS or DISTRO manias to put things… where
That is just ordering stuff.

cf the amount of things you collect …
libraries symbols… models

a pile of stuff



A small tutorial may answer some of your questions: