Create virtual ammeter (that allows simulation)

I am just creating some “virtual symbols” with not simulation propose but useful to documentation on student classes.

A voltimeter could be easy create by a “exclude from simulation” flag. But, how (taht is the best SPICE way) to create this symbol and allow to simulate?

Should be force “R 0 1 0ohm” configuration (just a short circuit connection between the points)?

The “standard” SPICE way to measure current is to insert a 0 V voltage source, like “Vmeas 1 0 0”. This will yield a V1#branch or I(V1) result vector containing the current.

A 0 Ohm resistor is not possible in a SPICE simulator. In ngspice the 0 Ohm resistance will be modified internally to 1 mOhm. This may be to large, so you may use “R 0 1 1u” . Eeschema will generate a I(R) vector.

Thanks. I was not aware about the “1 ohm” default value.

Te default value is 1 milli Ohm