Could not find valid modelname after having pointed to library

I’m trying to get a diode to work in a schematic. I’ve used the 1N4148w (cause the video I was watching used it), used an alternate pin order, and downloaded and set the lib file for that object. Whenever I try to run the simulation, it throws me an error of,

“Error on line 5 :
d1 net-d1-pad2 0 1n4148w
could not find a valid modelname”

I thought maybe the file I grabbed was no good, so I edited it to be exactly the same as the video, to no avail. I’ve tried setting to multiple compatibility modes as well.

KiCad version is 6.0.1

It may be that there is a regression bug in ngspice-35 concerning model names starting with a number. This has been fixed in ngspice-36.

So rename the diode to N1N4148w and change the name in the .model line as well:
.model N1N418w d ( ....

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That fixed the error. Thank you for the help.

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