Copper pour doesn't connect pads, fails DRC

Hey all!

This seems like a redundant question but I haven’t quite found the answer in the previous posts.

I did this first PCB to get used to KiCAD and find myself in trouble with copper pours.
Why doesn’t the DRC recognize the copper pours as “connectors”, i.e. why are the pads considered as not connected?

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DRC counts zones as connecting to pads only if the center of the pad (or the anchor point if you gave the pad an offset) is inside the zone outline.

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Thank you Rene_Poschi, for the promptness and accuracy of your answer.

Oops, I goofed up.
This post is about connections not being recognized as connected to a zone due to the center of pads not being in the zone boundaries, while the post below is about zones not being connected to other parts of zones at all.

This has a striking similarity to another thread posted just one and 1/2 hours earlier:

I disagree. The other post features “logical” problems, e.g. a copper pour with no connection to the actual net.
Anyway :slight_smile:

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