Contributing to update of VRML librarys to STEP?


Hi Oliver
Have you had a look at the resistor models?
I’m curious to know if the quality is good enough get merged :slight_smile:
Uhh almost forgot the bribe!


Hi @SchrodingersGat Oliver,
I have done a PR for R_0201



Hey everybody
The new SMD resistor models from the script (.STEP and .WRL) has been merged into the offical library :smiley:

following scripts has been updated with material properties and kicad naming parameters:
Ceramic capacitors
Radial SMD capacitors
Tantalum SMD capacitors
Housing QFP (PQFP packages wont build ATM)
Housing SOIC

if anybody feels like it they are very welcome to doublecheck the parameters or provide PCB files with all footprints from a library in them for easier testing :slight_smile:


Great work guys - and thanks for the cookies!

Please keep up the good work :slight_smile:


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The new SMD chip Capacitor models from the script (.STEP and .WRL) has been merged into the offical library :smiley:

First Board, First Post, .wrl File Hack

The new SMD Capacitor Elec and Tantalum models from the script (.STEP and .WRL) has been merged into the official library :smiley:

Working with MCAD is getting easier STEP by step :wink:


Those look really good :slight_smile:


Am I correct in seeing that the latest Nightly for Windows does not download the step files when I use the 3D shapes files downloader?


yes, you need to have a local github copy, I was unsure how to do this

However the footprints still need to be updated to include the step files.


Updating footprints to use the step 3D file would break 4.0.5, so I can see why this is not done yet.
Nightly builds should at least have an option to download step versions as they are designed to handle them


for 4.05 it is possible to use WRL counterpart files (same name, same dimensions, better look)
the same can be done for Nigthly
Correctly imo kicad_mod files are pointing to WRL files

that could be an additional useful option, but still I prefer to use WRL in 3D viewer because its powerful good looking rendering


I wonder if there can be an option to add both STEP and WRL models to a footprint, preference the WRL for rendering and the STEP for export…


if you add both models to footprint, you will have both rendered (which is correct I think)
StepUp already renders WRL and convert STEP without any change needed in footprint library


This was some time ago discussed with @cbernardo but I don’t remember the result.
This may need some format change on files to flag if user wants to render or use that model for export …etc I don’t know…


From my understanding, given that the step files do not need scaling information, is there any reason for them to be mentioned in the footprint files at all? could there not just be a check made against the wrl file name for file with same name with step/stp format and use that on export?


I think this questions should be discussed on development mailing list and by/if someone that can implement it :wink:


It’s tricky so in the end I decided not to use flags. The issues are:

(a) in the future someone might add yet another MCAD format or some format such as PRC which can contain MCAD data; at the moment we have IGES, STEP, IDF
(b) Users may have a mix of models; component X may have a socket and an IC and each using a different 3D model format
© For complex projects It’s a nuisance to flag every model to select one of “render,mcad export,both”

Personally I only use the models for mechanical checks so I never use VRML and people who are more interested in eyecandy would probably use VRML exclusively. As Maurice has pointed out, using his tools allows you to quickly switch between MCAD and visual (and all it costs is a little time spent specifying how to make a STEP model look pretty when it’s exported to VRML).


What about adding a simpler flag where each model assigned to a footprint can be enabled/disabled?

In this fashion we can pre-add all official models to a part, and it’s a simple task to enabled/disable a given model rather than having to add it manually to the footprint?

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