Contributing to update of VRML librarys to STEP?


Is there a library policy whether step files would be accepted in the main library? (ofcourse without voiding any license)
regarding the file sizes I can see the R_0201.wings and R_0201.wrl from the official lib adds up to 238,9 kb.
exported from @maui’s script (with material properties) the R_0201.FCStd, R_0201.step and R_0201.wrl file adds up to 65,8 kb.
I would suppose the size is mainly an issue when grabbing way to detailed files from manufacturers.


Step files would be gladly accepted into the official libs, depending on:

  1. Source of the file ( as discussed above )
  2. Quality / accuracy of the file
  3. File size
  4. How many cookies you are willing to bribe the librarians with.


Hi @SchrodingersGat

@Shack is updating the 3D STEP & VRML CadQuery library @github (the one you are a contributor too), aligning the name to kicad libs…

the models are coming from scripted routines based on parameters as in the referred data sheet of the manufacturer, so accuracy should be very good
quality is improved because Materials are implemented as per @kammutierspule materials doc

VRML file size is already much less than Wings3D one
STEP file size has been optimized, compared to the previous models

Ooops, I thought that we were going to be paid with a lot of cookies for offering this gift :wink:

FCStd file is not necessary, because the source are a script and a parametric file


awesome! :slight_smile:

it could be really nice if somebody could check the parameters in the “kicad_naming_params_XXXX” :slight_smile:

so far the SMD resistors, SMD ceramic caps, SMD radial caps and tantalum caps scripts has been updated with material properties and kicad parameters.
the gullwing script has also been updated but making the params to fit all the current kicad params is quite timeconsuming :slight_smile:


if someone is willing to help in merging STEP models to the main libs, something that could help a lot it would be a kicad_pcb file with the family footprints inside…
for example for SMD resistors here a sample file
Resistor_SMD_STEP.kicad_pcb (34.3 KB)
Resistor_SMD.kicad_pcb (34.3 KB)
then it would be easy to check the new model family (263.8 KB)

In that way check all the family models can be done faster…



That makes sense.

Does this need the data from the new models, or can they be made up using the existing library footprints?


I think the existing library footprints should be used here. Otherwise one would not know if the correct name is used for the 3d model.
This is one of the things that could be tested this way.
I assume of course that the current library footprint has it’s 3d model set.
If not: the footprint should be updated.


makes sense, and easier for me to help.

This is probably a good candidate for a script, that way they can be re-built when additional components are added to the librarys. I need to take a look at those tutorials posted recently.


You should make sure it’s using the newest footprint since some 3d filenames has changed in recent times


Hopefully not too off topic but any specific reason why the handsoldering footprints has a separate 3d model?


the standard footprint libs have been used here :smiley:


Because of the Kicad Library convention.

Rule 10.8 states that the 3d file should be named the same as the footprint.
(Just read a few pull requests by @SchrodingersGat. He always has to argue why one of his footprints violates this rule.)


My post was a reply to the question asked by @dbrown2k
(It seems the forum does not show which post one answers if it is the post directly above.)


@maui does this mean you have tested the resistors? :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m going to change the wording on that rule.


yes! :wink:
One less to go!


And has been pushed (pull requested) to kicad-library? :smiley:


I don’t have a clone repo of k library… ATM I uploaded the Resistor_SMD.3dshapes here


I have made a pull request for an updated version of the Gullwing generator :slight_smile: I have added parameters for roughly 50% of the kicad QFP models. still missing some work with all the other GW parameters


thx, merged!
I’m going to see if I can get the time to clone the kicad libs and make a PR starting with Resistor_SMD models…