Contributing to update of VRML librarys to STEP?


The new Housings_SOIC models from the script (.STEP and .WRL) has been merged into the official library :smiley:


hey Peeps
the SMA, SMB and SMC have been updated :slight_smile:

next up: DFN, QFN, SOT, SSOP, TSSOP and SOD

slightly off topic has it been proposed to change the VRML unit to 1mm for V5? :slight_smile:
if all the footprints scaling got changed to 2.54 and then all the scriptbased models got regenerated I dont think it should be too much troubles.


Humm… changing the wrl scale from the previous value to the new one will break the compatibility from v4 boards to v5 boards generating a big mess imo… users which have produced boards with 4.0 would have to change all kicad_pcb files to align the new behavior … moreover all the 3D libs would need to be refactored again…
which would be the advantages to have vrml in scale 1mm instead of the actual 1/2.54?
it easy to set scale factor inside the module property if someone wants to model a VRML from scratch…
But in general, for a mechanical point of view, only STEP model has the meaning to be in scale 1:1


No, VRML units will not be changed to 1mm. Aside from breaking the past behavior, this would also be pointless because other sources of models use different arbitrary units anyway.


I guess you guys are right, not worth the troubles :slight_smile:

alot of people have troubles figuring out this when getting started with 3d models.
ofcourse this isnt an issue when using your tool :slight_smile:

most other sources I have seen used 1mm, thought it was quite common around (I know there is no standard).


The internal unit is unimportant, though direct position entry in mm should be possible.
What is needed is for some emphasis in the dialogue boxes and documentation on what the unit choice is.


2000 lines of parameters and the new DFN and QFN packages are coming :slight_smile:
still needs a bit of checking before getting merged into the offical lib


small preview of the next upcoming models :slight_smile:


I was using Altium the other day for a project, and was horrified at how poor the 3D models looked in the project! I think we are on to a good thing here.

Also, the footprint libraries have been vastly improved of late, with more on the way. Thanks everyone for the fantastic and continuing contributions.


Has anyone done a Euro coin? Would be useful for size comparisons. Other objects could be useful too…


SSOP parameters are now done and they have been send for review to Maui
can I suggest to replace .3Dshapes with .sexy? :stuck_out_tongue: or perhaps .charismatic? :stuck_out_tongue:


vvvveerrry nice!!!
I’m going to make a PR for the 3Dpackage repo asap


Perhaps a banana for scale


Ladyfinger or Cavendish?

hm… dunno, if you look into the folder maybe you’d want them to sit in reading order?
.pretty .sweet .stuff or .pretty .sweet .thing


What about some of these bad boys?


Great work folks, looking forward to it!

I would really appreciate an LFCSP package if that’s on the radar… the specific device is a 24-pin Analog Devices op-amp. 4x4mm, 0.75mm high, 0.5mm pitch. Very similar to a QFN I believe. More info here:

and the chip docs: (last page, p30).


if you just have a look at the library here:
github packages3D/Housings_DFN_QFN.3dshapes
you can easily find
which is your package isn’t it?

this is also available at
github kicad-library/modules/packages3d/Housings_DFN_QFN.3dshapes


Thanks, Maui.
I saw that, and am in fact using it for the moment, but I wasn’t sure if it was in fact the correct package. Is it the case that LFCSP == QFN ?


Different manufacturers use different names for this package

What you really need to check accurately with the DS is your footprint


This might mainly be a question for @SchrodingersGat but can hopefully be useful to others.
Are multiple models ok to one footprint? The specific case I’m thinking of is for “extra models” say you make a model of an SD card holder. Would adding another model of the SD card (fitted correctly in to the holder) be ok? And would it be OK to add it as an extra model in the footprint? Besides SD cards it could make sense for battery holders, m2 connectors etc. Any thoughts on this?