Complex Shape, Stepup

Hi @maui,

using your Stepup again :slight_smile:

Working on this handheld box here;
I have a small questions about my steps…

i’ve imported the 3D drawing in freeCad, copy/pasted the PBC part, flattend, converted to sketch, push to an existing KiCad project…


looks like it’s okay, until I try 3d view or I zoom in… I see the edge is a bit complex.


looks like the shape is not fully closed. in FreeCAD I can’t find those lines.
and I get the usual message of ‘broken’ edge in 3D view…

I’m sure I did something wrong… :stuck_out_tongue: not sure what yet…

Could you share the freecad file resulting shortly before the export. At least check for your self that the outline in freecad is closed correctly. (Zoom into the area that is reported by kicad)
If not then close then manually close the outline either in kicad or in freecad.

from the STEP file you can get the internal PCB shape as from the manufacturer’s design, then with ksu you can:

  1. project the pcb onto an XY plane
  2. convert the projection to Sketch
  3. simplify Bsplines to Arc
  4. push this Sketch to kicad_pcb file

That should generate a nice ‘closed’ kicad PCB edge :smiley:


Thanks !! :slight_smile:
Made it work on my home computer(witch got latest kicad and freecad reinstalled a few days ago…). didn’t worked on my laptop either.

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